Primus Lighting specializes in small profile lighting fixtures for accent, merchandising and the illumination of architectural features. Think of our products as tools to solve your most challenging applications by using the right light source and housing for the desired result. Our fixtures are cataloged as standards however variations to suit special applications are easy to accommodate. We use extruded aluminum housings of various profiles allowing us to build fixtures in any size or length necessary for a custom fit without long lead times. The fit and finish is high quality and specification grade. Let us help solve your lighting challenges!

We pride ourselves in manufacturing, not just quality lighting fixtures, but rather lighting solutions with the capability of tailoring our products to fit the individual project requirements. In a world of standardized SKU’s and impersonal mega manufacturers, we still enjoy the tried and true personal touch of working through application challenges at the design level to offer a variety of solutions that take into account budget, efficiency, performance, production timeliness and contractor friendliness.